Fishing expo 2010, happens in africa this august 2010

The expo is a result of years of consultations with stakeholders in the fishing industry within the region. Prospective attendees surveyed for the past few years have indicated the show will be attractive and the exhibits and features of a higher calibre to warrant any serious establishment to participate.

Our show is the only show in sub-Saharan Africa market that offers 100% fishing- and fishing-related items that the target market wants to see and BUY! Many exhibitors have indicated that their sales at our show are better than at any other event on the circuit. Most of exhibitors are drawn from all-over the world, which explains why all exhibitor space is reserved well before the show.

The event will be punctuated with presenters from all over the world; academicians, researchers, manufacturers, policy makers, specialised institutions, beach management unit (BMU) leaders, aquaculturists, conservationists, environmentalist, ichthyologists amongst others.

The show takes place at an ideal time of the year to market your products or services, and in one of the highest upcoming income per capita lake-city situated on Lake Victoria shores in Kenya-East Africa.